The hobby of trading, collecting, and selling video games


Very many people have hobbies around the world, and a large number of these people happen to be passionate about video games. It is very hard not to be, considering that video games continued to remain popular with the release of the first video game console. Still, some may collect, some may trade or sell, although these go very rarely together. A collector will always get emotionally connected to each piece in his collection, so he seldom sales, maybe with the purpose of acquiring a more rare and expensive piece. On the other hand, video games traders and seller will be open minded when it comes to passing on their belonging and acquiring new ones.

The most often you will find the video games, collectors. They will spend a considerable amount of time searching for these pieces to complete their collection. They will be more than happy to show you their display of rare and appreciated video games, but don’t expect them to be ready to part with any of those items. Also, don’t think that they collect anything they get their hands on. No, because they follow a particular strategy when it comes to collecting. They usually collect video games made and release for a particular game console, they are part of a popular video game series or contain a specific character or game genre.

Nothing happens by accident, and everything is properly cared for, just like the tender love and care this local company gives to the trees on your property, if given the chance to earn your business: So collectors most often don’t use the videos games in their collection for entertainment purposes, since they are more preoccupied with their preservation.

On the other hand, video games sellers and collectors will enjoy playing the games for a while, and then they will happily depart them, with the possibility of acquiring a new and more exciting video game. Video game traders are the people that get a game, play it once until completion, and then they trade it for another game they have not enjoyed yet. To be honest, it is an excellent method of getting great games, without having to spend too much money on them. Of course, you need to find the right gamer group that will support you with this action. And since the Internet is a large place, there are plenty video game enthusiasts to be found out there.

And sellers, they will always be glad to make some money out of selling video games. They usually hunt down the most sought after, from people that don’t really know their real value and purchase them at a very low price. Afterward, they will sell the video game for the right price, to the right buyer, and make a profit out of this. Some purchasers are collectors, who try to get their favorite game, even if for some this might be a rather expensive acquisition. But remember that for a collector, the video game they need is much more important than money. An aspect that makes video game seller very happy. So some have fun, some make money, but the point is that video games will remain for a long time the center of many people’s hobbies.

Can you make a living trading games?


When one of our readers asked us this question, we wanted to make it clear to those of you out there who might be on the edge of possibly building your own game trading business but have been holding back a bit due to fear. It is completely natural to be hesitant but definitely don’t hold on waiting forever. You will need to take action at some point, and there is no better time to start than now. Just look at all of the other small businesses that are booming out there in this country.

Top Reasons to Choose Work at Home Business  

When posed with the question- ‘why do you want to opt for a work at home business?’ everyone will put forth his own priorities and conveniences. While it can be difficult to coin each of these reasons, here are some commonest factors that prompt the decision to switch from a regular job to a home based business.

Be the Sole Boss to Assort Decisions

Like your regular office job, there is no need to follow the orders of the upper management level or abide by the company code of conduct. The work from home business allows you to access your sovereign power in taking decisions as you find them suitable for the business growth and income generation.

Choose Flexible Working Hours as per Convenience

There is no office hours urging the need to follow a punctual routine life and be present at your seat at the right time. Depending on your priorities, it is possible to set flexible schedules and make adjustments in deciding the number of working hours.

Greater Time Availability to Take up Family Responsibilities

This is probably the greatest reasons especially for moms who do not part away from their children. Since you are always at home, it is possible to look into the family matters, be there to help in time of need etc. You can look after the kids, their education and other issues with much ease without spoiling your work.

Save Time by Skipping Long Journey to the Office Place

The hectic office schedules, after hour extended work and long distance journeys are tiresome often taking a toll on your health. The home based businesses offer the convenience to get greater time for personal leisure that you can spend on exercising, nurturing your hobbies and following your passion.

Little or No Investments to Get Started

The work at home businesses does not require large investments, like setting up a shop, hire employees and other expenses. You can virtually start with a free website and hosting plan. Later there is enough scope to make some investments in case of requirement. There are even several free website builders, plugins and widgets that you can use without spending anything.

Explore Variety of Options Based on Your Skill Sets

No matter what is your skill set or educational background, there is an option for everyone. Even if you are not yet vocationally trained, taking up small internet jobs do provide a limited financial support to meet certain requirements. All you need to do is to leverage some time on researching for the best alternatives.


Just think about the possibilities. Last post, we told you about the market opportunities for one type of business that can help you with storage solutions for shipping containers. A gentleman reached out to us after finding that post online and asked if he could sell his Chicago shipping containers to anyone looking for that type of storage solution. We turned him away only because that is not the focus of this group, but feel free to check out his site if you have a need for a conex box. The only reason he is getting a shout out in this post is because he has the entrepreneurial drive and spirit that we are trying to instill in our readers.

There are several ‘work at home business’ options, you can research online before you try one or two as per preferences. Several successful online entrepreneurs leverage into two or more ventures depending upon their availability of time and suitability. Once you decide to work from home, there are virtually endless factors to decide like the hours to dedicate, full time or part time involvement etc. Whatever you do, it is going to be great fun to be with the family with completely relaxed mind in the ambit of great financial freedom.

Storage Containers For Virtual Trainers In Texas


Although not technically considered “video games” per se, we have seen a great deal of interest in workout DVD’s from our community members all across the state of Texas. There has been a recent craze associated with at-home workouts, and those in major metropolitan areas, and even small cities, suburbs and towns across the great state of Texas have been quite enamored with following along Jane Fonda style to an upbeat workout multiple days per week.

Here’s a quick history of what we’ve seen from those who are buying and selling workout DVD’s and learning how to look good from their personal virtual trainer:

  1. Back a few decades ago, everyone can remember the awesome outfits that Jane Fonda and her posse would wear on the workout video (yes, VHS…remember those?). The workouts were typically very high energy, with a great deal of enthusiasm from the instructor. Fonda revolutionized the way in which we think about working out, and certainly served as an inspiration to many moms out there who got trim following along with her step by step aerobic workout series.
  2. Fast forward to this century, we saw a great deal of interest from people all over the United States in learning how to get lean and mean by doing a workout called P90X. It was a very welcome introduction to the notion of accountability, especially given the obesity crisis in this country. P90X was designed to get the student through a 90-day phase of incredibly taxing workouts, while sticking to the plan and seeing results along the way.
  3. Next came the obsession with a new man on the virtual workout instructor scene, someone by the nickname Sean T. Sean and his gang of highly motivated workout buddies would show up on your screen when and if you dared to embark on the Insanity challenge. The workout was a beast of a challenge and could last anywhere from as short as 20 or 25 minutes all the way up to an hour or so, maybe more if you include the post-workout stretch routine.
  4. Sean T then created something that has totally transformed the way work-from-home employees get their workouts in. He realized that one of the toughest parts about working out was actually getting the energy and commitment to just get started. So he launched T25, which is focused on getting you in, out, and on to you next daily activity in only 25 minutes. Absolutely brilliant, and hard for anyone to claim that he or she doesn’t have less than 30 minutes to spare for a good old fashioned sweat.

With all of these workout regimens, we’ve seen a number of our community members keep a very neat cataloging system of workout DVD’s from over the years. Collectors are going crazy trying to find every single piece in a series, especially those in the early days with Jane Fonda and her counterparts.

In order to store all of these virtual training videos securely, one individual from a remote town in Texas recently suggested to us that the best way to stack and store all of the items he has kept and collected throughout the years for keepsakes and/or trading purposes is to place all of the virtual training assets inside an actual conex shipping container. Yes, the need for that would only surface if you literally have hundreds if not thousands of these DVD’s, but they are starting to see an increase in value, just like any other collectible with some sentimental value. Speaking of which, if anyone has any old footage of the Thigh Master infomercials, please let us know as we were pleasantly reminded of them during a recent episode of Dancing With The Stars.

Our suggestion would be to only purchase a shipping container if you have a serious need to create a housing system for your massive inventory of workout DVD’s, or any video game of course. But you might just have a need for a steel ocean container for other dry storage uses. We often see businesses and individuals buy shipping containers for sale in order to fill specific needs on construction sites, on personal property lots, in hunting territories, during inventory management activities, and as portable offices and emergency response centers. So think outside the box and consider all of your storage needs, as something might just pop up that calls for a shipping container. They can be found for relatively low prices, given the value. And you will most often find 20 foot and 40 foot long containers, but some companies do carry and sell 10 footers, and even 45 footers and 53 footers.

Always remember, share your stories with us and we will post updates on the goings on of this Game Troc community. This one happened to be an interesting story about a niche collection of virtual training and workout DVD’s so we hope you enjoyed the read, and if any thoughts were sparked feel free to leave us a comment below.

Until next time…

Game Trading Success Story From Larry The Limo Driver


We recently got an email from one of our longtime community members, Larry, who is a limousine driver in Galveston, Texas. He has been a part of our community for the past few weeks, and his note was one that made us smile from ear to ear so we decided to share with the rest of the Game Troc community.

Basically, what Larry shared with us was his passion that he has had for trading games ever since he was a young boy. Now that he is older, he still remains quite interested in trading games and he is able to do that quite easily with his job because he meets new people every single day.

While he drives his limousine, he doesn’t necessarily make tons of conversation with his customers, but there is usually some type of interaction as he is spending about four hours minimum with almost everyone who rides in his limo. At times, customers will even be with him for eight or nine hours if it is a long road trip to the casino or destination that takes quite a bit of travel time to get to.

So naturally, Larry chats it up as appropriate with his customers — especially if they ask him questions. Typically, his limousine passengers will want to know what he does other than just drive people around for his limo service.

So he tells them.

He talks to them about how he has always loved playing video games and that he has created a successful business trading video games with others online, and in person at local in national conventions. He explains that his hobby has actually turned into a full time business where he has had to hire two employees to manage the online trading activities that are constantly fun to watch on his custom made game trading software platform.

Larry’s email to us was only about five paragraphs, but his love for what he does shines right through every single word, so it was a very pleasant note to receive, and from such an interesting guy who spreads the love of gaming to newly interested people day in and day out while he is driving his limos down in Galveston, TX as well as the surrounding areas near Texas’ beautiful Gulf Coast.

If you happen to find yourself down in Texas looking for a reason to take your friends or family out on the town in a Galveston limo then you might just run into our good friend and Game Troc community member, Larry. Just be sure to say hello on behalf of the group, and please feel free to tip him generously.

On a related note, and now that we have a best practice example of story telling and sharing from Larry the Legend, we encourage you to share your successes, and even your failures, with the Game Troc group so we can all learn from one another’s experiences.

Feel free to leave a comment on the blog below or submit your own idea for a new blog post and we will make sure to review it and post if appropriate.

Looking forward to hearing from more of our members about their game trading ideas and adventures. Until next time, take care and good luck with your current efforts.